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 Shenyuan·Pulisi Mould Industry is the specialized distributor and manufacturer of mold standardized parts field in China. Shenyuan Mold Metals Machine (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. locates at Baoan District, Shenzhen City, on Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway (107 National Highway); Pulisi Mold Standardized Parts (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. locates at Pingjiang District, Suzhou City, closing to 312 National Highway and Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway. The company is only 1 kilometer away to Suzhou Railway Station and North Bus Station.

 We develop, design, produce and sell: all kinds of precise molds, dies and standard parts that include: mold shelf special-using ball bearing guide pole, guide sleeve (demounting type and press type ), SKH51, SKD61 center, support center, flat center, independent pole , assisted pole, strip pole (straight bar type, knar-straight bar type), nonstandard precise sleeve, shaft cover, precise molding (profiled ), punch center, pullulate punch center, straight punch center, guide punch center, main-accessory punch, precise guide pole, pole sleeve, slope guide pole and guide pole assistor. We also process all kinds of molds, dies, mechanical and auto nonstandard precise fittings, plastic mold fittings According to customers' specific requirements.

 As agency we especially have exclusive marketing: the CNC machining center cutter made by EU, USA, Japan, Germany, Korea and Taiwan companies, as well as metal tools, mold fittings, machine tool accessories, Japan YAMAWA OSG, HTD Fuji screw tap, SUS drilling bit, BEST diamond grinding tool, Swiss White Horse measuring tool and Japan Datong mold springs, etc.

 The products are wildly used in the precise plastic mold, metal punch dies, circuit board dies, semiconductor mold and die-casting mold, as well as the products related with mold products and mechanical&electronic field. The sales network is centered in Zhujiang River Delta and Yangtze River Delta and extends to national wide. The products are not only sold to domestic market, but also to Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and European countries. They are warmly welcomed by our customers in a wide range.

 The enterprise absorbs the most advanced manufacturing technology of mold standard part production in domestic companies, and adopts equivalent foreign trade standard e.g. Japan Futba, MISUMI, Germany DIN, Hasco and America DME. We strictly follow ISO 9001, 2000 Quality Management System to organize production. With advanced production technology, exquisite process skill, and unique vacuum heat treatment, we make the products precision, mechanical properties, internal organization structure and service life reach international advanced level.

 Pursuing super excellence, exploitation and innovation, Shenyuan·Pulisi Mould Industry is willing to cooperate sincerely with customers home and abroad and pace along to create a prosperous future of mutual business.

Shenyuan precision  深 远 浦 力 斯 模 具 工 业